About Us

Hi. We’re ArtistOnGo. And we’re reforming the way that artists interact with their own creative freedom. Years ago, our founder launched and scaled many salons in many countries and cities, and saw a consistent problem: people want to support their hairstylist, but commuting is more complicated than the service. The timing. The commute. The scheduling. The waiting. One cut and style, and you’re looking at four hours, plus extra expenses to boot. Turns out, there’s nothing that hair stylists could do about this, and that’s because of the state of the salon industry. With rising rent costs and increased overhead, salon owners are faced with challenges too. That’s why we started ArtistOnGo—a place where you and your hair stylist can book salon chairs on the fly, whenever, wherever. It’s a win for artists, because they get flexibility in scheduling, extra income and creative freedom. And it’s a win for you, because, well, you can meet your stylist at a place and time that works for you and enjoy your beauty experience. At AritstOnGo, you can simply find a salon space in your neighborhood (or hey, a new neighborhood), and work with your stylist to book by the hour. You’ll enjoy the amenities of the salon (new products to try, heyo!) at a convenient time and place—and your stylist gets to enjoy extra income that all goes to them. The times are changing, and we’re here for the ride. That’s why we’re reforming the way you enjoy beauty with your hairstylist.